“Project management is the art and science of converting vision into reality.”

- Dr.Turner



Obelisk’s purpose is to ensure our clients’ wellness by our successful and efficient real estate project management.


Our goal is to become the most reliable project management company in the country by 2025, through a trustful and successful methodology, an innovator information system, and a talented team.


Project Planning

In this critical stage, we guide our clients to develop a correct project definition, producing a clear expectation of the product, within the cost, time, and quality parameters.
We ensure that our clients get the information required to implement an adequate financial strategy that will attain their goals.

Engineering & Design

Our team has an extended experience in developing executive projects or coordinating them with renown firms. We get involved within all different disciplines in order to mitigate potential risks that normally occur in construction projects.

Project Management

We lead the construction projects through a proper path using our project management methodology, which includes a constant communication with our clients. Our project execution has a higher degree of success due to our profit and costs projections and risk mitigation in construction site.


When our clients have some problems with any important indicator such as: increase in project costs, spenditure rate vs construction progress, construction stage duration, or construction quality; we offer an examination and analysis of the problem and counsel for improving those indicators. This service gives our clients the needed security for their investments.


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